In a nutshell:

  • Hunters can work Activators located in WWFF designated nature parks worldwide.
  • Activators must have all the equipment they use to be within the boundary of the park.
  • All amateur bands and modes may be used, however actively repeating devices and technologies are not permitted (e.g., repeaters, satellites, Echolink, etc.).
  • Activators must make a minimum number of 44 QSOs an activation to count towards an activator award. However, Hunters receive credit for the reference no matter how many QSOs are made by the Activator, as long as the log is submitted.


Q: What is WWFF?

A: World Wide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) is an international organization started in 2010 that encourages hams to leave their shacks and to go outside and operate portable in protected nature parks throughout the world. WWFF has over 50 National Affiliates, like KFF in the U.S.

Q: How do I participate in KFF and WWFF?

A: You can participate as either an Activator who operated portable or mobile from designated nature parks, or a Hunter who makes QSOs with Activators. By participating in KFF, you automatically participate in WWFF.

Q: An often heard question! WWFF’ers frequently end a QSO with “44” What is the meaning of “44”?

A: The first four (4) stands for the four wind directions : North, East, South and West

The second four (4) stands for the four elements : Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Q: What is Logsearch?

A: Logsearch is the WWFF database that contains all WWFF information including activation QSOs. Currently there are over 12 million QSOs in Logsearch from over 22,000 references in 137 DXCC countries. y>

Q: As a Hunter, do I need to upload my logs to Logsearch?

A: No, only Activators need to upload their logs. Hunters receive award credit based on the QSOs in Activator’s logs, so it is important to make sure your call is not broken during your QSOs.

Q: Why register with WWFF?

A: By registering with WWFF you will be able to post on the WWFF web site, announcing a planned activation for instance, and to request awards.

Q: How do I register with WWFF?

A: Go to and click the REGISTER option on the left-hand side menu below LOGIN. Use your callsign for your username.

Q: How do I apply for awards?

A: First you must register with WWFF. Most awards are applied for using Logsearch. There are a few KFF National Awards and Participation Certificates where you must request via email to our KFF Awards Manager. There is a tutorial on the Logsearch page for applying for awards.

Q: How do I upload my logs after an activation?

A: All logs are uploaded into Logsearch by the Call Area Manager based on the call area of your callsign, not where you are located. Send your ADIF log as an email attachment naming your log file as callsign@reference yyyymmdd.adi (example: N4CD@KFF-1234 20200801.adi).

Q: What is ADIF format?

A: Amateur Data Interchange Format that provides a standard interchange of logging data between programs. Most computer logging programs export this file format.

Q: What happens if I don’t make 44 contacts during an activation?

A: Not much really. Your will not receive activation award credit for that reference without at least 44 QSOs. You can combine multiple visits to a reference to reach the 44 QSO standard however.

Q: What is a Reference?

A: A Reference in WWFF is a protected nature area or park that has been designated by a National Affiliate such as KFF based on a defined set of criteria. The KFF criteria can be found in Section 10 of the KFF Rules.

Q: What is the WWFF Agenda?

A: WWFF Agenda is a feature of WWFF Web Site where Activators announce planned activations. Hunters find this a useful tool to plan their radio time.

Q: Where can I see WWFF spots?

A: WWFF offers smartWWFF Spots for viewing WWFF activation activity on a defined.

Q: How should I spot myself?

A: Any DX Cluster, like DX Summit, can be used. Make sure to include the reference number (e.g., KFF-1234) in the Comments section. That way your spot will be picked up by smartWWFF and other spot filters.

Q: When activating, how do I log Park-to-Park QSOs?

A: Park-to-Park QSOs within the ADIF being uploaded into Logsearch are entered in ADIF fields SIG (WWFF is entered) and SIG_INFO (reference # is entered). Most people don’t have the ability to edit ADIF files, and if you are one of those, enter the P2P reference # in the Comments filed of your logging program and let the Uploaded know that your log has P2P QSOs in the Comment field, and he will make the necessary changes to the log.

Q: I made a mistake in my log and it was uploaded. How can I correct it?

A: Do not send in a new log, as re-uploading does not overwrite the previous upload.  It will create many duplicates in the system and corrupt the awards program.  Instead follow the instructions in at this url: