KFF References

Where Are They?

Click here to access the WWFF Map of references, then select KFF from the drop-down menu. This map provides access to the WWFF Directory of references and includes important information including activation status.

The KFF Informational Files page provides sortable lists and cross-references between KFF and POTA places.

New References

We are always anxious to add new places to the KFF Reference List, especially when someone wants to activate them! So, if you have any suggestions, please email n9mm@arrl.net.

Rember though that the purpose of WWFF and KFF is to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora, and fauna by encouraging radio amateurs to “Make Nature Your Shack.”

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • New references must be nature related (No buildings, monuments, battleships, statues, old railroads, etc.)
  • They must be managed by a federal or state agency (No city parks, private conservation centers)
  • They must be open to human visitation (well duh)

As to state operated Wildlife Management Areas, or equivalents, KFF is considering only major locations (> 500 acres) at this time.