Get Your Park ON! Event Rules

GENERAL RULES: These rules apply to all Get Your Park ON! events. Operators are required to follow rules of their countries, within restrictions of their licenses, and to follow rules set forth by WWFF and its national organizations.

ELIGIBILITY: Get Your Park ON! events are open to all WWFF Activators and Hunters worldwide.

VALID QSOs: Activators and Hunters throughout the World can exchange QSOs with each other. Park-to-Park QSOs are encouraged between Activators.

BANDS: All authorized Amateur frequencies; however, activity should center on frequencies suggested in WWFF program rules. ( Section 14.5)

MODES: All amateur modes are permitted.

EXCHANGE: Only signal report is required. WWFF Reference ID (e.g., KFF-1234, ONFF-1234) may be included by Activators optionally.

LOGS: All Activators are expected to submit their logs to their assigned person (may vary by country) for upload to the WWFF system. Credit for all Hunters and Activators will accrue as normal WWFF QSOs.

ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATES: A special achievement certificates will be available for all Hunters working the minimum number WWFF References for the event and to Activators with successful activations (44 QSOs) from the minimum number of WWFF References specified for each event. And as is normally permitted, multiple visits can be made to reach 44 QSOs for a successful activation. Request a certificate by email to