All WWFF and KFF National awards are offered free of charge and are provided via email in electronic form by applying via

WWFF Global Awards

Global WWFF awards are offered to Hunters, Activators and SWLs for working, activating, or hearing WWFF references, DXCC entities, and continents. Details can be found at:

WWFF National Awards

Participating National Programs in WWFF also maintain National award programs for Hunters and Activators of WWFF references. Many different WWFF member countries offer National Awards and many WWFF Hunters chase the honors of both the Global Awards and the National Awards offered by the various countries. Details can be found at:

KFF Special Awards

From time to time, WWFF offers special awards beyond the standard Global Awards. Information on these can always be found at

Most recently WWFF announced the WWFF Activator Points Award effective January 1, 2020. This award encourages longer activations by Activators and encourages them to make return visits to a reference. Details can be found at:

Another popular special award is the Park-to-Park Award for Activators. The entry level for this award is 10 Park-to-Park (P2P) QSOs. It is then issued for every 44 P2P references worked.

KFF National Awards

For the benefit of those Hunters of KFF references, and those Activators operating from KFF references, awards are offered in these levels of achievement:

  • Bronze Award: work, or activate, 10 different references
  • Silver Award: work, or activate, 20 different references
  • Gold Award: work, or activate, 30 different references
  • Platinum Award: work, or activate, 40 different references
  • Diamond Award: work, or activate, 50 different references
  • Sapphire Award: work, or activate, 75 different references

KFF Hunter’s and Activator’s Honor Roll is achieved by working, or activating, 100 more or different references. Honor Roll Levels of Achievement are:

  • Initial Honor Roll for 100 KFF references
  • Honor Roll endorsement Levels of Achievement in increments of 100. (200, 300, 400… )

KFF Hunters and Activators are also recognized for working references in U.S. states. Hunter’s and Activator’s Levels of Achievement are:

  • Initial KFF States Award for working seven (7) states
  • Endorsements for each additional seven (7) states (14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49)
  • Worked All States

KFF Special Awards

All KFF Special Awards are offered free of charge and are provided via email in electronic form by applying via email to

KFF Marathon Challenge

Annually KFF sponsors a KFF Marathon Challenge, a yearlong activity wherein we will recognize the achievers who work, or activate, the most KFF References during the calendar year. There are categories for Top North American Hunters, Top DX Hunters, and Top Activators. The effect of the Marathon Challenge will be that on January 1st, for the sake of the Challenge, everybody’s KFF counter will reset to zero, and all KFF References will be “New” again. This opens a whole new world for Hunters and Activators alike.

The KFF Marathon Challenge Award Rules remain unchanged from 2021.

KFF Band Hopper’s Honor Roll

Band Hopper’s Honor Roll award recognizes WWFF Hunters who work 100 or more KFF References on multiple Amateur bands. The purpose of this award is to encourage Activators and Hunters to take full advantage of the spectrum allocated to the Amateur Radio Service to provide a practiced capability to support emergency disaster communications, basic to the charter of our service. It has the side effect of providing the opportunity for more Hunters to make QSOs with a reference by utilizing the diverse propagation offered by different Amateur bands.

Rules for the KFF Band Hopper’s Honor Roll can be found at:

Instructions on how to apply for the KFF Band Hopper’s Honor Roll award can be found at:

KFF Summer Solstice

KFF Sumer Solstice is a special summer event and award. The Summer Solstice event encourages Activators and Hunters to take advantage of the extended daylight and warm weather to operate during the evening hours, from 2200-0400z from during the Summer Solstice. A special participation certificate is awarded to all Hunters working at least 14 different KFF References and to Activators with successful activations (44 QSOs) from at least 7 different KFF References.

Rules for the KFF Summer Solstice can be found at: