WWFF has global awards for hunters and activators. Information about global awards can be found on the WWFF awards page.

KFF does offer national awards. We offer separate awards for hunters and activators. The award certificates are available in electronic format and free of charge.

All awards are based on QSO information in the WWFF LogSearch database. We cannot accept other sources (like QSLs, LoTW, eQSL).

You must be registered on the WWFF site to apply for awards.

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Bronze – 10 confirmed worked references or 10 references activated (44 QSOs)
Silver– 20 confirmed worked references or 20 parks references (44 QSOs)
Gold– 30 confirmed worked references or 30 references activated (44 QSOs)
Platinum– 40 confirmed references parks or 40 references activated (44 QSOs)
Diamond– 50 confirmed references parks or 50 references activated (44 QSOs)
Sapphire – 75 confirmed references parks or 75 parks references (44 QSOs)


Honor Roll

The Honor Roll Awards are given when 100 confirmed references are worked or activated (44 QSOs). Honor Roll endorsement certificates are given each 100 thereafter until 500 is reached. Additional endorsements are given at 1,000 and each 500 thereafter.