WWFF-KFF is the United States chapter of the World Wide Flora & Fauna. More information about the program can be found at the WWFF website.

A copy of the WWFF-KFF National rules can be found here.

In essence it all boils down to:

  • you and all the equipment you use need to be within the bounderay of the park
  • you can only work from one reference at a time – so if you are in a park that is a subregion of a larger park you can only use the reference of the subregion
  • The WWFF rules further specify the following: you must make a minimum number of QSOs (WWFF: 44) for your activity to count towards an activator award.

You can find a searchable list of KFF References on our Facebook Page

Post your upcoming activity on the World Wide Flora and Fauna AGENDA.

It helps to use the frequencies that are known as the Flora and Fauna frequencies:

  • Phone: 3.744, 7.144 (7.184), 14.244, 18.144, 21.244, 24.944, 28.444
  • CW: 3.544, 7.024 (7.044), 10.124, 14.044, 18.084, 21.044, 24.894, 28.044

When CQ-ing it is of course important to mention the park reference… when people pick up your signal you are likely to be spotted on a cluster. That really helps getting attention to your activity. Also CQ’ing as “CQ CQ 44 de CALL” might help !