N9MM and The Old Timer – 01Mar18 edition

I don’t exactly know the occasion, but it seems like everybody showed up last evening to join the Old Timer and I for our customary Thursday evening brew. There was Sunspot Louie, his cousin Red Eyed Louie, a couple of the Palos Verdes Dancers, and several Hunters and Activators. Only thing I could think was they were a day early for Donna’s birthday. Discussion quickly headed in the direction of Those Horrible Band Conditions, but the Palos Verdes Dancers were hearing none of that– having spent all week stomping away in preparation for this weekend’s DX Contest–and quickly changed the subject. “Has everyone had a great time chasing the 3D2 and all of the Parks lately?” ”Oh yeah,” replied one of the Hunters. “That N4CD has really been at it, first in Oklahoma, then in east Texas. And I’ve been able to work the 3D2 on three bands. It’s been Great!” Another added, “And a bunch of others have been out activating too.” The Palos Verdes Dancers were sitting back smiling, knowing that despite all the talk, they had stomped up enough sunspots to keep Activating and Hunting fun. Another Hunter quickly jumped in, “But operating isn’t all that easy. It me hours of listening and calling to get the 3D2 on 15, and sometimes I never hear Bob until has made a couple of band changes.” An Activator added, “Yeah, there were several times it took over two hours to get my 44 contacts.” The Old Timer, having had enough of the negativity, intervened, “The fun should be in the challenge. Ole Sole always Changes with Time making the challenges the greatest part of Hunting Parks and DX.” Unbelievably, everyone nodded in agreement. Meanwhile Parks People everywhere are Standing Tall withstanding Ole Sol’s challenges and wondering if Donna really admits to having Birthdays.