New Year/New WWFF-KFF

First off, on behalf of the WWFF-KFF team, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2018. May all your activations have great propagation!

It have been a week since the new KFF team was put together an in that week, with major contributions from KA2LHO and N9MM, we have put together the WWFF-KFF rules and created the new awards. Samples of the new awards will be revealed soon on the website.

The new rules for WWFF-KFF put us in-line with the global WWFF program and other countries. The major change you will see is that starting Jan 1, 2018 at 0000 UTC you will need 44 QSOs to get credit for an activation. The 10 park activation was a holdover from NPOTA and put our activators at a disadvantage for the global awards and activation credits. All previous credited activations to Jan 1, 2018 are grandfathered in.

One thing we do ask, even if you do not hit the 44 needed for an activation, please, upload your logs. The chasers only get credit if the activators upload their logs. And remember, you do not have to get all 44 QSOs in one activation. You can do it over multiple activations.

I hope your logbooks are full in 2018 and that you will be in mine!

Happy New Year,
Roger, AE4RM