Welcome to KFF, the home of World Wide Flora and Fauna in the United States.  Part of the International Parks program for Amateur Radio. A place for Radio Amateurs to find information on how to chase parks around the world.

There are a few ways you can keep up with happenings at KFF. Many of our members post their spots to our FaceBook page. You can also post questions and have the content delivered right to your e-mail box using our e-mail reflector on Groups.io.  Finally, there is our blog that is updated with any big news, stories from the field, and other updates.

Logs are being accepted for upload to the WWFF system. Logs are e-mailed to and uploaded by the call area manager for the logs. Please name your files in the form: callsign@reference yyyymmdd.adi (example: AE4RM@KFF-9876 20171222.adi) e-mail your log to:

0 – NU0C – Jim Shorney
1 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
2 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
3 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
4 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
5 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
6 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
7 – NU0C – Jim Shorney
8 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
9 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer